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Cable regenerator set is made of RK-64/2048 and RN-288/2080 devices. Using these devices, one can build digital cable lines of throghputs from 64 kbit/s up to 2048 kbit/s, of maximum 250 km length (depending of desired throughput and cable parameters). Main use of regnerators is building cable lines using PKD 1x4 cable or non-pupinized long-range, or subscriber cables of 0.6-1.4 mm diameter.

End-point RK-64/2048 Regenerator

Regenerator RK64/2048 RK-64/2048 regenerator is end point device of cable line. The regenerator transfers recevied digital signal (64÷2048kbit/s) to serial binary signal with data rate 288÷2080 kbit/s. Digital signal of 64÷256 kbit/s data rate are complemented to 288 kbit/s, signal of 512 kbit/s data rate is complemented to 544 kbit/s, signal of 1024÷2048 kbit/s data rate is complemented to 2080 bit/s. For all data rates, additional 32 kbit/s stream is added. The stream contains EOW channel (16 kbit/s) and line management channel (5.333 kbit/s). End-point regenerator allows to supply power to 7 RN-288/2080 Automatic Regenerators. If there is need to create line of more then 8 segments, a bridge of two RK-64/2048 has to be set up in the middle of the line.


• Correct signal receipt from PKD 1x4 cable of maximum length:
   • 4 km at 2048kbit/s
   • 8 km at 544 kbit/s
   • 12 km at 288kbit/s
• Remote management by Q2 interface
• Digital and analog EOW channel with selective call
• Complex line diagnostics through control closed loops and bit error rate measurement
• Power supply 27DC (22÷30V)
• Working temperatures: -30°C÷+60°C

RN-288/2080 Automatic Regenerator

Regenerator RN288/2080 RN-288/2080 Automatic Regenerator is designed for constructing cable connections between RK-64/2048 regenerators. It restores original parameters of transmitted signal. The regenerator allows correct receipt of digital signals, after PKD 1x4 cable of length:
• 4 km at 2080 kbit/s,
• 8 km at 544 kbit/s,
• 12 km at 288 kbit/s.
The RN-288/2080 Automatic Regenerator is power supplied by RK-64/2048 regenerator.