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Artificial Line is a test device simulating long-range PKD 1x4 cable in frequency range 20kHz- 4MHz. Artificial line can be used to test signal regenerators and cable modems, including ADSL, HDSL modems, and ISDN BRA U0 interfaces. Each Artificial Line inclues two independent test lines, each composed of 3 segments simulating 2, 4 or 8 km line. Each segment can be independently included or excluded from simulated line. Artificial Line is made in two versions:

LSZT Artificial Line

Linia sztuczna Length of artificial line is configured manually using swiches on front panel. There are two sets of three switches. Each switch enables/disables one of line's segment.

LSZT-P Programmable Artificial Line

Length of artificial line is configured remotly by RS-232 interface, independently for both directions. Front panel contains LEDs which show currently configured length. LSZT-P model is designed for use in automated testing systems.