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CMP-128 modem is designed for transmitting 128 kbit/s digital streams in B primary group band circuit (frequency range 60 - 108 kHz) of multiple carrier analog telephone systems. Modem implements V.37 ITU standard. For data trasmission, device uses class IV partial response pulse amplitude single sideband signalling and modulation, which allows very precise frequency spectrum limitation. The device implements voice channel for managment. The 128 kbit/s digital interface is compatible with EUROCOM D/1 interface.

Modem CMP-128 Capabilities:

• Implements V.37 ITU
• EUROCOM D/1 digital interface, V.10/V.11 ITU as option
• Service voice channel
• Device diagnostics: control loops and BER measurement
• Working temperature:-30°C÷+60°C
• Power feed 27DC (22÷30V)
• Can be managed remotly by Q2 interface

Modem has beed designed and implemented in advanced DSP technology. This allowed to achive very high quality of transmitted signal spectrum without need of any further analog filtration. Receivers have been designed with powerful automatic equalizers, allowing device to be connected with very low quality line, especially with high number of analog transfers between low-level carrier systems.