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CD/RS-422(EIA-530) converter

CD/RS-422(EIA-530) converter boar allows to connect any equipment with CD (Conditioned Diphase, "Manchester" ) interface to any equipment with RS-422/EIA-530 interface or other interface, based on RS-422 like RS-449. Converter only perform physical layer interface translation. Conditioned Diphase coding is used in STANAG4210 and Eurocom 'K' standards.
Also box version is avaiable.

CD/RS-422 converter board specification:
--EUROCOM converter board--
• Throughput: 16..128 or 256..4096 kbps
• Internally generated clock frequcies:
    • Standard versions: 16/32/64/128 or 256/512/1024/2048/4096 kbps
    • Extended version: 256/384/512/768/1024/1536/2048/3072/4096 kbps
    • Frequency stability: ±25ppm
• RS-422 interface
    • RS-422/V.11/X.27 electrical parameters
    • D-SUB 25 female-type connector
    • DCE (modem) interface according EIA-530/EIA-530A standard
• CD interface:
    • Working impedance 600Ω or 130Ω
    • Output level 1..5Vpp
    • Stanag 4210
    • Eurocom Interconnection point 'K'
• Board size: 100mm·160mm·16mm
• Working temperatures: -30°÷ +50°C
• Power supply: DC +12V..+30, non-isolated, '-' connected to board’s earth and GND line of RS-422 interface

Box version:

• Box size: 105mm·44mm·164mm
• Power supply (options):
    • +12..30VDC (non-isolated)
    • 85..245VAC (Working temperatures: -20°÷ +50°C)
    • -36..-72VDC

Other configurations available:

• CD/E1 (G.703)
• EUROCOM C/RS-422(EIA-530)

User Manual (CD - EIA-530/RS-422, box version 64..128kbps)